Friday, June 6, 2014

Upon Investigation

Upon investigation, one might find that you have unique-to-unusual strengths and abilities that, although you use them every day, are hidden to the casual observer. Kinda like the hummingbird. The only bird that can fly backwards, upside down, sideways and oh yes, forward.  A tiny little thing that can fly great distances to migrate -- up to 2,500 miles in a non-stop trip -- but cannot walk. A fierce defender of its pea-size eggs and its territory that can route a raptor many times its size. Whose humming sound comes not from its diaphragm, but from wings moving 70 times per second in a figure-eight motion.  Wise enough to choose the right flower to heal what ails them. Iridescent and jewel-like. Fascinating to see in action. Hummingbirds are symbolic of effervescence and joy, perseverance and grace, infinity and new beginnings.  Look to the right of this page. Hummingbird.

Letters to Elect Ladies is written to the real you who even you forget about as you traverse the everydayness of life or the intrusion of a crisis. Not to the wannabe or strive-to-be, but the made-to-be; full of purpose and practice and perseverance. Like the hummingbird. A friend of mine received a diagnosis that he responded to in an uncharacteristic way. His wise and good wife exhorted him to “get up and do what you would normally do today,” releasing him back to the joy of life and the hope-filled future that is his modus operandi. The mission of Letters is like that word of life, those apples of gold in pitchers of silver that the good wife spoke to her husband. 

You, my friend, are a rare phenomenon with powers of flight and an expression of life like none other. Like the hummingbird. The real you may indeed be hidden to the naked eye. And that is probably a good thing, at least to some degree. But just because some can’t see you for who you know you are is no reason not to Be… the Real You.

Karen Stark

*that’s the sound of my wings 

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  1. Soooo very well said!! I LOVE it!!!!!!I shall never see hummingbirds the same;-) what a message!!!...and I love the title of this blog!