Wednesday, July 29, 2015


My phone went dark. Just blank-screened me two seconds after I looked at it for the time. I thought I’d missed the low battery indicator, so I hooked it up for a recharge, to no avail. Soft restart; nada.

Then I ask my millennial goddaughter for help and she responds with “What did you do to it? You need a flip phone!”  What? I’m too S M A R T for a flip phone. I mean, I don’t go blank when you look at me. If you plug me in I charge up and do the doggone thing. I’m not busted after only seven months of service. No, sirree.  And you don’t have to make an appointment just to do your ‘genius’ act on me. Well, some of you do, but that ain’t the point.

The point is that it’s my smart phone that needs a flip. ‘Bout to get one too…

Working my nerves,


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