Thursday, March 5, 2015


I keep going to the store and forgetting something that I hate being without – hand soap, especially in the kitchen. It’s on my list but somehow I keep overlooking it. Today, I finally got fed up with the dysfunctional kitchen soap pump and decided to toss it. What the heck, I thought, there’s a pump full of liquid hand sanitizer in that bathroom basket. I’ll just use that.  

It came in a gift basket that someone gave my daughter and somehow I inherited it. It’s been in the ‘someday’ basket in my bathroom for two years. I reached in expecting to pull up hand sanitizer and to my surprise, it was green apple scented hand soap. Perfect for the kitchen. Yes, today was the first time I read the label. 

First I chuckled and then thought began to form, That’s what happens when you assume…  I checked that thought. You see, I have decided to live above condemnation. You know how we blame ourselves when we miss the mark, forget something or just plain old mess up. There’s this chasm that opens up and invites you to jump in. Often we leap without thinking because, after all, I did mess up. Did the dumb thing. Did nothing. We seem to think we have to pay for every mistake, great or small. Not.

Although every little (or big) thing I do may not be good, performed well, in a timely manner or correctly, every single thing I do has an assignment: to work itself into the big picture of my life. The one where I’m flowing in my purpose and doing the most good for myself and others. 

Some mistakes are good for a laugh. Others are good for a lesson. Still others are for serendipity…a nice surprise along the way, like that green apple hand soap. 


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