Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring has Sprung

Folks are working on their Spring gardens. To get pretty flowers and sweet veggies they expect the opposition of weeds and bugs. And deal with it. Denial and procrastination not allowed.

You know where this is going…

It may be worry or fear. Maybe it’s that old familiar anger creeping in. You thought you were over that thing… Or maybe it’s the tiny corner in your heart that’s still sore from being broken.  Maybe you realize that you can’t quite trust the one you love no matter how hard you try. Could be that son or daughter you’re still pulling for, pulling through…and you’re getting...t  i  r  e  d... (How long? How long?). Could be you bore easily, become impatient and struggle to finish things. Maybe it’s food…a particular food that makes you crave more, eat more, weigh more and hate (yourself) more. Could be shopping or isolation or perfectionism or cynicism.

You know where this is going…

Spring has sprung and you’re ready for the New. I know I am. Having sown good seed for it, I have discovered that there are yet some things that need my attention, my focus. Things that need to be purged… fertilized… watered… watched….  

Be vigilant,

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